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Jekyll Online


Welcome to the fan community of the BBC’s Jekyll, starring James Nesbitt and Gina Bellman.

Sink your teeth into the luscious gallery; screencaps from the series, and icons/banners/art made by fellow fans. We also have been on the hunt for fanfiction, some also made or in progress by the site owner. Enjoy :)


Site Updates:

16th August 2007

There’s a growing population of Jekyll fanatics on the internet and in the ‘real’ world - for instance, myself and my aunty Kerry and nanna, teeheehee. The main source of fandom is on the livejournal pages (links can be found, obviously, on the links page), but this is a website created for the pleasure of Jekyll fans all over the world, because not everybody has a livejournal. While this website is still a newborn, its growing fast due to my lucky moment of free time.

Gallery - Screencaps have been added to the JekyllOnline gallery, all screencaps created by the site owner. You are welcome to take them as long as you save the image/s to your own computer. Credit is always appreciated.